Learn more about peridot

  • According to the seven wheels of India , peridot corresponds to the heart chakra and is a "positive stone" that can bring positive thinking and love and eliminate negative emotions. The green light waves of peridot help attract wealth energy. In ancient Egypt, peridot was called the "Stone of the Sun" and was used as a talisman to dispel negative energy.
  • Peridot belongs to wood in the five elements, which means improving wealth and career luck, improving interpersonal relationships, and attracting noble people. It is the " stone of noble people".
  • According to legend, pirates often appear in the Mediterranean, and different groups of pirates often clash. During a large-scale conflict, the pirates accidentally discovered a large number of gems, so everyone put down their weapons and hugged each other to reconcile. The pirate leader called this crystal clear, olive-colored gemstone peridot based on the story of the olive branch in the Bible. Therefore, peridot also symbolizes peace and friendship.
  • Because peridot brings positive thinking and can symbolize peace and friendship, in modern times, peridot is also known as the "stone of couples", symbolizing happiness and harmony between husband and wife.
birthstone month August
Represent the constellation Leo, Virgo
Representative anniversary 16th anniversary
Corresponding chakra heart chakra
Gemstones convey spirituality The stone of positive direction, the stone of wealth, the stone of noble people, the stone of husband and wife