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  • According to legend, in ancient Greek mythology, Dionysus had a dispute with the Moon Goddess, so Dionysus cursed his tiger to pounce on the first woman he saw as revenge. A girl named Amethyst happened to meet the god of wine. The beast chased the girl all the way like a curse . The moon goddess turned the girl into a pure stone sculpture in desperation. After sobering up, Bacchus repented and poured wine on the statue. The stone sculpture was dyed into beautiful purple crystal , so the purple stone was named "Amethyst".
  • Compared with the crown chakra among the seven wheels, amethyst has an intelligent magnetic field, which helps develop wisdom, concentrate thinking, increase memory ability, improve brain vitality, and stimulate creativity, so it is called the "stone of wisdom." Amethyst is also a stone of popularity. Wearing it regularly can help you meet noble people and make more connections.
birthstone month February
Represent the constellation Aquarius, Pisces
Representative anniversary 6th anniversary
Corresponding chakra crown chakra
Gemstones convey spirituality

Stone of Wisdom, Stone of Popularity