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Five Love Stones

(1) Rhodochrosite

Rhodochrosite is the birthstone of July. It has the title of "Stone of Love God". It symbolizes strong and passionate love. It can create a pink aura that attracts the opposite sex and awaken people's need for love. It can help attract the right opposite sex and enhance love. luck. Rhodochrosite is different from powder crystal, it is biased towards practice and action. Rhodochrosite is suitable for people who have met love but dare not take a step forward; Rhodochrosite will open your true heart, enhance mobility, and make it easy to make friends, so if you have a crush on someone, but you can't encourage them If you have the courage to confess, rhodochrosite is very suitable for you.

(2) Strawberry Crystal

Strawberry crystals are in charge of love and interpersonal relationships, so it helps to improve love fortune and attract good marriages. Strawberry crystals can develop the heart wheel, make thinking clearer and calm the mind; wearing strawberry crystals can also increase personal charm, improve interpersonal relationships, harmony and friendliness, so strawberry crystals help attract beautiful marriages, Help someone who hasn't met love yet!

(3) Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz is the birthstone of July, the best love stone! Rose Quartz can help open up receptivity, help you open your heart, increase the relationship with the opposite sex; help improve interpersonal relationships, increase popularity, and expand new social circles. Rose Quartz can heal emotional wounds and is suitable for those who have been emotionally hurt.

(4) Pink Opal

Pink Opal is known in the West as "the skin of an angel" and "the most representative gemstone for women". Legend has it that the arrowhead of Cupid's arrow is made of pink opal, so many people call it the Philosopher's Stone of Love, Cupid's Smile and so on. In Japan, it is called "Lover's Stone"! Pink Opal can exude charm, because pink light waves can elicit inner beauty, help exude noble and gentle femininity, and awaken deep love in the heart, so pink Opal is considered to be a power stone that can enhance love and encounter fate !

(5) Moonstone

Moonstone is known as the "Lover's Stone". The Greeks even believed that Moonstone was a symbol of Venus, the god of beauty and love. Those who are in love will regard it as a token of love! Moonstone can promote the reintegration of feelings, and can resolve the emotional problems between partners, so that both parties can live in peace, so Moonstone is very suitable for your partner or you who have a partner! According to legend, Moonstone is a gift from the Moon Goddess to human beings. When the moon is full, you can meet the best lover; therefore, Moonstone is also known as the gemstone that attracts the true destiny, which helps to enhance the charm of women and attract life. Another companion!

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