Repair and Maintenance Services

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Any purchase of Oxygen Jewelry products is eligible for maintenance and repair services, with no limit on the number of times.
  2. This service does not require a purchase receipt. For "Handmade Ring Series", a purchase receipt is required to enjoy maintenance and repair services.
  3. This service is only available for Oxygen Jewelry products.
  4. Guests must visit the Oxygen Jewelry studio in person to enjoy this service.
  5. The free maintenance service is a basic cleaning service and can be enjoyed as many times as you want.
  6. The product must have complete parts to enjoy free repair service, and the number of times is not limited; if the parts are missing, additional repair fees may be charged, please feel free to inquire with us.
  7. For the fixed-size "Handmade Ring Series", you can enjoy one free ring size change with a receipt . Subsequent ring size changes will cost HK$200 each time .
  8. Oxygen Jewelry reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice. In case of any dispute, Oxygen Jewelry reserves the right of final decision.

Learn more about repair and maintenance services:

  • Generally, the repair service takes 15-30 minutes, and customers can get the goods back on the same day. However, for some more complex items (such as beads...) or accessories that are out of stock, it may take a few days.
  • It is recommended that guests contact us first for inquiries and reservations to save time!
  • Mail-in repairs are accepted, but the customer is responsible for paying all shipping costs.
  • Oxygen Jewelry welcomes customers to try it on first and then modify it: if the customer purchases a bracelet or necklace, they can try it on first and then modify it to the most suitable length, which is convenient for gift-givers. Changing the length is completely free, and there is no additional charge for lengthening (40cm or less). , please see the table below for fees.​
  • Repair products and accessories must be complete to enjoy free repair service. If the accessories are missing, additional repair fees will be charged. The fees are as follows:

A. Labor costs:

Rewear/Rebuild (complete with accessories and crystals ) free
General cleaning free
Shortened stainless steel chain body free
Extended stainless steel chain body Additional items up to 40cm are free; additional items 41cm or later are HK$10/cm
other Another quote

B. Metal accessories:

Stainless steel accessories (such as collars, buckles, chain tails, LOGO tags, round tags...) free
alphabet plate HK$50
retractable bracelet Free / HK$200 (depending on circumstances)
Stainless steel metal beads (4mm) 20 pills or less are free; the 21st pill or more is HK$10/pill.
Stainless steel metal beads (8mm) 10 pills or less are free; the 11th pill or more is HK$10/piece
Sterling silver/14K gold/14K rose gold chain accessories Starting from HK$10 (depending on different accessories)
Resin glue ear pad (single) HK$1
925 sterling silver earrings (single) HK$10
925 sterling silver earrings with resin (single) HK$10
925 sterling silver stud earrings (bead plate style) (single) *no perilite HK$100
925 sterling silver stud earrings (with small silver beads) (single) *no perilite HK$100
925 sterling silver stud earrings (formula crystal zirconia) (single) *does not contain crystals Starting from HK$100 (depending on different styles)
925 sterling silver earrings (other styles) (single) *without perilite Starting from HK$200 (depending on different styles)

C. Crystal:

Inlaid stones (round)

3mm: HK$50/piece

4mm: HK$100/piece

5mm: HK$150/piece

Others: quote separately

Inlaid stones (denier shape)

4x6mm: HK$100/piece



7x9mm: HK$600/piece

Others: quote separately

round beads

3mm: HK$20/piece

8mm: HK$50/piece

Others: quote separately

pear shape

Small: HK$100/piece

Medium: HK$200/piece

Large: HK$400/piece

Others: quote separately


Another quote

D. White cubic zirconia


2 mm or less: free

2mm and above: starting from HK$20 (depending on different sizes)

Other shapes/colors

Starting from HK$5 0 (depending on different styles and sizes)

E. Other questions/situations: Welcome to inquire with us