Exchange service

  • Our store only provides exchange service and does not provide refund or return service.
  • Purchases made at physical stores/Pop-Up Stores can be exchanged within 7 days from the date of purchase ; purchases made online can be exchanged within 14 days from the date of purchase .
  • When exchanging goods, you can choose any item:
  1. It is the same as the original purchase amount, and there is no need to make up any price difference;
  2. If the amount is higher than the original purchase amount, the difference must be made up;
  3. If the amount is lower than the original purchase amount, the difference will not be refunded, please note.
  • If you need to exchange goods, customers in any region should contact us first via Whatsapp or email . Any applications directly to the store will not be accepted.
  • Customers in Hong Kong: You can choose to send the product by mail or go to the store for exchange. If you choose to send the product by mail, the customer must bear all postage incurred.
  • Customers outside Hong Kong can use mail for exchange service, but the customer is responsible for all postage incurred.
  • Available exchange conditions:
  1. Received the wrong item.
  2. Such as goods with quality problems, such as loose buckles, loose ear pads, etc.
  • Non- exchange situations :
  1. There is no exchange service for products in the " Online Special Offer Zone ".
  2. If you purchase customized products , you will not be eligible for exchange service, including necklaces and bracelets that have been changed in length; earrings suitable for non-pierced ears, etc.
  3. What our store sells are natural stone products. Each natural stone must have different inclusions and the color must be different. Therefore, the pictures are for reference only. Our store does not accept customer inquiries due to natural inclusions or color differences. Requested exchange .
  4. Our store does not accept repairs or replacements required for product damage caused by any man-made or improper use .
  5. Please pay attention to the metal composition/size/length/size of the product body before purchasing. Our store does not accept exchanges for this reason; but if the product size does not match (such as ring size), our store can replace it. If there is a problem with the length of the product (such as the length of the chain body) The store can also make changes for customers.