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  • Labradorite, also known as Labradorite, was first discovered in Labrador, Canada.
  • According to Canadian Eskimo legend, the Sirens claimed the beautiful Northern Lights for themselves, trapping them in rocks off the coast of Labrador. An Eskimo warrior discovered it, picked up the spear in his hand and smashed the stone hard, releasing most of the northern lights, but some of the northern lights were still trapped deep in the stone and integrated with the stone. This kind of The stone that contains the Northern Lights is Labradorite!
  • According to the Indian Seven Chakras, Labradorite is the crown chakra power stone that helps enhance spirituality, enhance confidence, and balance emotions.
  • Labradorite helps enhance people's insight, intuition and analytical abilities; cleanses negative energy, soothes impatience, brings inner peace and harmony, and reduces reckless behavior, impulsive behavior and rebellious nature. It is " emotional balance" stone".
birthstone month April
Represent the constellation Gemini, Aquarius, Libra
Representative anniversary -
Corresponding chakra crown chakra
Gemstones convey spirituality Emotional Balance Stone