Learn more about moonstone

  • Legend has it that the moon stone is a gift given to mankind by the moon goddess. When the moon is full, one can meet the best lover, so it is called the "lover's stone".
  • The Greeks believed that the moon stone was a symbol of Venus, the goddess of beauty and love. People in love would use it as a token of love!
  • According to the Indian Seven Wheels, Moon Stone is the energy stone of the crown chakra , which can stabilize emotions, relieve irritability, restore peace and rationality, soften the soul, and alleviate conflicts caused by misunderstandings in communication. Therefore, it can also help couples who have broken up get back together.
birthstone month June
Represent the constellation Cancer, Libra, Scorpio
Representative anniversary 3rd and 13th anniversaries
Corresponding chakra crown chakra
Gemstones convey spirituality Lover's Stone