Learn more about necklace styles, materials, lengths and customization

(A) Chain Type

  • The default chain style of the necklace is equal to the jewelry photo.
  • If the customer wants to transfer other chain funds, please refer to the picture below and please specify it in the remarks column of the shopping cart:

(B) Chain materialMaterial

  • The default chain styles of the necklace are all made of stainless steel. If customers want to switch to other materials, they can choose it themselves from the options.
  • Please note that other materials are only available in "Cable Chain".
  • To learn more about the differences between different materials, please click here .
  • The materials provided for different colors are also different:
  • Plating ColorPlating Color Regular material Default Material Other MaterialOther Material
    SilverSilver Stainless Steel

    925 Sterling Silver 925 Silver (+ HK$100)

    (Original Price: HK$380)

    GoldGold Stainless Steel

    14K Gold Filled (+HK$200)

    (Original Price: HK$480)

    Rose GoldRose Gold Stainless Steel 14K Rose Gold Filled (+HK$ 20 0)

    (Original Price: HK$480)

(C) Chain length Length

  • The default length of a conventional necklace is 40cm with a 5cm chain tail attached, that is, the overall length is 40-45cm.
  • The default length for other materials is 40cm and there is no chain tail.
  • The length of the chain can be changed, please specify it in the remarks column of your shopping cart!
  • See the table below for details:
  • Chain body material Length (+/-1cm) (*The length can be changed and stated directly in the remarks column at checkout!)
    stainless steel 40+5cm
    925 sterling silver 40cm
    14K Gold Filled 14K Gold Filled 40cm
    14K Rose Gold Filled 14K Rose Gold Filled 40cm

(D) Tailor-made

  • All necklace lengths and chain styles can be changed, just specify it in the remarks column of your shopping cart!
  • The necklace can also be changed into a bracelet/anklet. Normally the price is the same as the necklace. Welcome to contact us !
  • Multiple pendants/letters can also be added to the necklace . Additional letters can be purchased from the following products; if you want to purchase additional pendants, please feel free to contact us!
  • Pendants can also be used in elastic bracelets, earrings..., welcome to contact us!