Collection: Wealth Stone Wealth Stone

Peridot - is the stone of wealth, which can attract wealth energy and help positive wealth and career development.

Citrine - is the stone of merchants and the stone of wealth. It emits yellow energy, which helps to strengthen the fortune of wealth and favors wealth.

Yellow Topaz - Also known as Topaz, it has a golden wealth body light, which helps to gather wealth!

Tourmaline- Green Tourmaline can bring luck and success; Green Tourmaline helps to plan, create and achieve goals, so it helps to turn interests into businesses and can be regarded as the "stone of wealth". Yellow tourmaline is a "wealth gem", which can enhance partial wealth and bring unexpected wealth.

Aventurine Jade- The green color of Aventurine Jade is the color of wealth, which can bring wealth, and it can also help bring luck and fortune in gambling games!

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