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Moonstone is known as the "Lover's Stone". The Greeks even believed that Moonstone was a symbol of Venus, the god of beauty and love. Those who are in love will regard it as a token of love! Moonstone can promote the reintegration of feelings, and can resolve the emotional problems between partners, so that both parties can live in peace, so Moonstone is very suitable for your partner or you who have a partner! According to legend, Moonstone is a gift from the Moon Goddess to human beings. When the moon is full, you can meet the best lover; therefore, Moonstone is also known as the gemstone that attracts the true destiny, which helps to enhance the charm of women and attract life. Another companion!

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  • 傳說月亮石是月亮女神賜給人類的禮物,在月圓之時,能遇到最好的情人,因此稱為「戀人之石」。
  • 希臘人認為月亮石是美神與愛神維納斯的象徵,相愛的人會把它當作定情信物!
  • 根據印度七輪,頂輪能量石,穩定情緒,舒緩煩躁不安的狀態,恢復平和和理性,柔化心靈,緩解因溝通誤會引起的矛盾,因此也有助分手的情侶復合。
誕生石月份  6月
代表星座 巨蟹座、天秤座、天蠍座
代表週年紀念 3 和 13週年紀念
對應脈輪 頂輪
寶石相傳靈性 戀人之石