Collection: Aquamarine/Aquamarine | Aquamarine/Aqua Chalcedony

Aquamarine is the birthstone for March . Aquamarine corresponds to the throat chakra of the human body. It is the best throat chakra stone, which helps to enhance expressive ability and persuasion; it can effectively treat problems such as trachea, sore throat, and respiratory system. Aquamarine is more helpful to stabilize emotions, relieve psychological pressure, and soothe the soul!

Chalcedony is the representative of the moon and has a close relationship with water, so it is said to prevent drowning and accidents, and avoid witchcraft. The ancient Romans believed that wearing chalcedony could ward off evil spirits, keep safe and avoid some negative energy, and it was also a good amulet for foreigners who often travel.

Chalcedony can absorb the negative energy around us and help mediate mentality, especially for some people who are prone to self-doubt, chalcedony can help them establish a stable and open-minded attitude. Chalcedony also has the effect of dispelling nightmares.

In the legend of ancient Rome, aquamarine can ward off evil spirits and avoid some negative energy. It is a good amulet for people; it is a treasure that eliminates distracting thoughts and resists all kinds of nightmares in the world.