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Black spinel is the birthstone of August , also known as the "Stone of the Brave". It is a power stone that helps the owner achieve goals and achieve self-realization. It is also known as the Stone of Strength, symbolizing a strong will and giving you the strength to fight and give up even in difficult situations.

It is believed that this deep black has a powerful function as a " talisman " since ancient times, so it is recommended to wear this stone as a safety talisman when traveling.

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  • 尖晶石是鎂鋁氧化物組成的礦物,含有不同元素的尖晶石會有不同的對應顏色。`
  • 最著名的尖晶石,是鑲嵌在大英帝國皇冠上的"黑王子紅寶石";據專家考證,"黑王子紅寶石"並非真正的紅寶石,而是紅色尖晶石!
  • 尖晶石被譽為勇氣的象徵,賦予人們堅韌和自信的力量,使人能夠克服困難、勇往直前,鼓勵人們大膽追求夢想,積極實現自己的目標和願望。
  • 黑色尖晶石在古代被認為具有強大的保護和勇氣力量,被用作護身符和護身石。
  • 紅色尖晶石被認為可喚醒身體的活力和力量,並激發靈感。
誕生石月份  8月
代表星座 雙魚座
代表週年紀念 22週年紀念
對應脈輪 海底輪
寶石相傳靈性 勇氣之石