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Tourmaline is the birthstone of October , also known as the wish stone, which can help wishes come true. All kinds of tourmaline can promote cell metabolism. Tourmaline can also enhance popularity and improve interpersonal relationships; attract love and increase heterosexuality!

Among them, pink tourmaline enhances personal charm, can also reflect the love in the heart, and helps love relationships! Pink Tourmaline helps to achieve calm, inspiring happy and relaxed emotions, thus relieving stress and worry!

Green tourmaline brings luck and success; green tourmaline helps to plan, create and achieve goals, so it helps to turn interests into businesses, and can be regarded as the "stone of wealth". In addition, green tourmaline, as a power stone representing "endurance", can help strengthen cardiopulmonary function, suitable for athletes or people who need a lot of activity!

Yellow tourmaline is a "wealth gem", which can enhance partial wealth and bring unexpected wealth; on the other hand, yellow tourmaline corresponds to the sun wheel, which is very good for the human body's gastrointestinal digestive system.

Blue tourmaline can stimulate the throat chakra, which can enhance people's ability to communicate, express and persuade; in addition, blue tourmaline can stimulate the brow chakra, which can make people think clearly, logically, richly imaginative and broaden their horizons, which can help to obtain higher knowledge. In addition, blue tourmaline has calm energy, which makes people have a clear mind, balance emotions, and a broad mind. They can face people with a tolerant attitude in dealing with others!

Watermelon tourmaline helps eliminate worries and fears, relieve tension, eliminate conflicts, contradictions, and complex complexes in the heart, and make people feel happy and joyful; watermelon tourmaline can also bring people patience and balance energy, and easily resolve various conflicts , reach reconciliation, and enhance social skills.

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