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Aquamarine is the birthstone of March . Aquamarine corresponds to the throat chakra of the human body and is the best throat chakra stone to help enhance expression and persuasiveness; it can effectively treat trachea, sore throat, respiratory system and other problems. Aquamarine can also help calm emotions, relieve psychological stress, and soothe the soul!

Apatite, also known as the "peace gem", is a very peaceful gem that can make people who often disagree with each other work together peacefully; it can make people who are more self-centered and have extreme and stubborn ideas become more moderate. Apatite has the effect of "strengthening and strengthening connections" with others. It not only makes the bond between you and your family, lovers and friends but also your team and organization stronger.

The name of kyanite comes from the Greek "Kyanite" , which means "blue". Kyanite is also called the balance gem and the soul gem. It is a crystal stone that can improve the balance between the spirit and the body. It also has the function of purifying the mind; it can liberate the mind from bondage. Corresponding to the brow chakra and the throat chakra, it can improve insight, intuition, and promote spiritual awareness; it can also improve one's expressiveness and activate the ability to communicate, and can stabilize emotions, relieve worries, and make the body and mind full of motivation.

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