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Malachite, also known as the "Gem of Happiness", is the birthstone of May . It is a fragile but beautiful stone, and it has the meaning of "wife happiness".

The ancient Romans believed that this gem had divine power and was used to dedicate it to the goddess Zhu Nuo whose totem was a peacock, hence the name.

Malachite can help people purify and activate the chakras of the human body, especially the heart chakra and throat chakra. It has a particularly significant effect on soothing emotions and releasing negative energy, and can also help heal the body and mind.

Malachite can generate energy, has the functions of protection, business success, love, peace and stability, and has the function of warning. It is said that when danger is about to happen, it will burst to warn its owner. Malachite has a protective effect on children and travelers, and can auspiciously avoid evil.

As early as 4,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians exploited the mines between Suez and Sinai and used malachite as a talisman for children. They believed that hanging a piece of malachite on a child's cradle would drive away all evil spirits. In some parts of Germany, it is believed that those who wear malachite can avoid the threat of extinction.

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