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Malachite, also known as the "happy gem", is the birthstone of May . It is a fragile but beautiful stone with the meaning of "wife happiness".

The ancient Romans believed that this gem had divine power and dedicated it to the goddess Juno whose totem was a peacock, hence the name.

Malachite can help people purify and activate the body's chakras, especially the heart chakra and throat chakra. It has a particularly significant effect on soothing emotions and releasing negative energy. It can also help heal the body, mind and soul.

Malachite can produce energy, have protection, business success, love, peace and stability, and has a warning function. It is said that when danger is about to occur, it will burst to warn its owner. Malachite has a protective effect on children and travelers, and can seek good luck and avoid evil.

As early as 4,000 years ago, the ancient Egyptians mined the mines between Suez and Sinai and used malachite as amulets for children. They believed that hanging a piece of malachite on a child's cradle would expel all evil spirits. In some areas of Germany, it was believed that people who wore malachite could avoid the threat of destruction.

Aventurine is the birthstone of May, which can bring wealth and happiness and is a lucky stone for businessmen. Green corresponds to the heart chakra, which is a gem that makes people happy every day, and can dissolve knots and complexes in the heart; green aventurine makes people feel happy, especially for friends who have lost love, it can not only comfort the injured soul, but also promote the courage to fall in love again ! Aventurine helps bring opportunities, improves creative ability, enhances judgment, and helps realize dreams; green is also the color of wealth, and helps bring luck and wealth in gambling games!

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