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Rhodochrosite is the birthstone of July . It has the title of "Stone of Love God". It symbolizes strong and passionate love. It can create a pink aura that attracts the opposite sex and awaken people's need for love. It can help attract the right opposite sex and enhance love. luck. Rhodochrosite is different from powder crystal, it is biased towards practice and action. Rhodochrosite is suitable for people who have met love but dare not take a step forward; Rhodochrosite will open your true heart, enhance mobility, and make it easy to make friends, so if you have a crush on someone, but you can't encourage them If you have the courage to confess, rhodochrosite is very suitable for you.

Rhodopyroxene, also known as rose stone, is a well-known marriage stone; strengthen the connection with the loved one, open up to the loved one, show your true thoughts, and guide people to establish a sincere relationship, so it is a gift for lovers The best gift.

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