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round feldspar stud earrings

round feldspar stud earrings


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  • Labradorite

The name "Labradorite" of labradorite comes from the place where it was discovered - the Labrador region of Canada. Also known as the "soul mate stone", it is a spar full of spirituality and healing effects. Labradorite can help exude personal charm and attract people with similar hearts, so labradorite is often considered to be able to attract "soul mates" and protect love. Labradorite helps resolve disputes between lovers due to emotional impulses and misunderstandings, so that each other can better understand each other's feelings and put themselves in the other's shoes.

In addition, labradorite is also a kind of spar that can clean up negative energy, which can help us transform these traumas, find the courage to face the real self, eliminate fear and doubt about the future, let our soul grow, and start the pursuit of self. journey.

According to Indian legends, a group of butterflies migrate across the ocean between North America and South America every year, changing their migration routes as the climate changes. Legend has it that there is a butterfly goddess who will lead the butterflies to migrate. Whenever she and the butterfly group take a break in the middle, they will win out these ores that are the color of butterfly wings and become labradorite. Therefore, in Indian culture, having labradorite is equal to being blessed by the goddess.

Since ancient times, labradorite has been regarded as an energy gemstone with a high degree of "money-gathering power", which is extremely suitable for businessmen and high-level managers. The blue light and green color of labradorite are the original driving force for "lucky luck". The wearer is likely to have unexpected surprises. Its spiritual function can further enhance the wearer's insight ability and prevent unfortunate things from happening.

Metal material: 925 sterling silver

Metal Color: Silver Natural Stone: Labradorite​​​​
Natural stone size (+/- 1mm): 6mm






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1. Crystals are natural stones, not artificial products, so each natural stone must be different , including inclusions, cotton wool, texture, color and shape, so the pictures are for reference only, please pay attention before buying!

2. Each natural stone must have different inclusions (such as cotton wool) and different textures . Our store does not accept exchanges due to original problems such as natural inclusions, textures, or color differences.

3. Regarding the earrings, we have tried to match the most similar ones as a pair. Since each natural stone will be different, the natural stones on the left and right sides, such as size, texture, color and shape, must not be exactly the same, please pay attention before buying!

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2. The length of the chain body can be changed, which can be listed in the remarks column at checkout!

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