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Mini Amethyst Necklace

Mini Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst is the birthstone of February and the stone of wisdom. It can develop wisdom, help thinking, concentrate thoughts, and strengthen memory. It is an indispensable gem weapon for students! Amethyst can also help to improve luck, promote interpersonal relationships, and meet more nobles!

Natural Stone: Amethyst

Natural stone size (+/- 1mm): 6mm

Chain Material (* Click here for more metal materials and colors.) stainless steel 14K Gold Filled 14K Gold Filled (+HK$150)
metal color gold gold
Chain length (+/-1cm) (*The length can be changed and can be listed in the remarks column at checkout!) 40+5cm 40cm
  • Amethyst Amethyst
  • Feb
  • IntelligenceIntelligence and Relationships
Chain Material
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  • According to legend, in ancient Greek mythology, Dionysus had a dispute with the Moon Goddess, so Dionysus cursed his tiger to pounce on the first woman he saw as revenge. A girl named Amethyst happened to meet the god of wine. The beast chased the girl all the way like a curse . The moon goddess turned the girl into a pure stone sculpture in desperation. After sobering up, Bacchus repented and poured wine on the statue. The stone sculpture was dyed into beautiful purple crystal , so the purple stone was named "Amethyst".
  • Compared with the crown chakra among the seven wheels, amethyst has an intelligent magnetic field, which helps develop wisdom, concentrate thinking, increase memory ability, improve brain vitality, and stimulate creativity, so it is called the "stone of wisdom." Amethyst is also a stone of popularity. Wearing it regularly can help you meet noble people and make more connections.
birthstone month February
Represent the constellation Aquarius, Pisces
Representative anniversary 6th anniversary
Corresponding chakra crown chakra
Gemstones convey spirituality

Stone of Wisdom, Stone of Popularity


(A) Chain Type

  • The default chain style of the necklace is equal to the jewelry photo.
  • If the customer wants to transfer other chain funds, please refer to the picture below and please specify it in the remarks column of the shopping cart:

(B) Chain materialMaterial

  • The default chain styles of the necklace are all made of stainless steel. If customers want to switch to other materials, they can choose it themselves from the options.
  • Please note that other materials are only available in "Cable Chain".
  • To learn more about the differences between different materials, please click here .
  • The materials provided for different colors are also different:
  • Plating ColorPlating Color Regular material Default Material Other MaterialOther Material
    SilverSilver Stainless Steel

    925 Sterling Silver 925 Silver (+ HK$100)

    (Original Price: HK$380)

    GoldGold Stainless Steel

    14K Gold Filled (+HK$200)

    (Original Price: HK$480)

    Rose GoldRose Gold Stainless Steel 14K Rose Gold Filled (+HK$ 20 0)

    (Original Price: HK$480)

(C) Chain length Length

  • The default length of a conventional necklace is 40cm with a 5cm chain tail attached, that is, the overall length is 40-45cm.
  • The default length for other materials is 40cm and there is no chain tail.
  • The length of the chain can be changed, please specify it in the remarks column of your shopping cart!
  • See the table below for details:
  • Chain body material Length (+/-1cm) (*The length can be changed and stated directly in the remarks column at checkout!)
    stainless steel 40+5cm
    925 sterling silver 40cm
    14K Gold Filled 14K Gold Filled 40cm
    14K Rose Gold Filled 14K Rose Gold Filled 40cm

(D) Tailor-made

  • All necklace lengths and chain styles can be changed, just specify it in the remarks column of your shopping cart!
  • The necklace can also be changed into a bracelet/anklet. Normally the price is the same as the necklace. Welcome to contact us !
  • Multiple pendants/letters can also be added to the necklace . Additional letters can be purchased from the following products; if you want to purchase additional pendants, please feel free to contact us!
  • Pendants can also be used in elastic bracelets, earrings..., welcome to contact us!

Gift box packaging service

Our store generally uses environmentally friendly packaging and does not come with a gift box. If you want to give a gift, guests can purchase gift box packaging service!

It only costs HK$10, including a drawer gift box, velvet bag, ribbon packaging, and velvet hand bag.

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^The online price may be slightly different from the store and POP-UP STORE due to individual promotions, please note.​

Purchase Notes


1. Crystals are natural stones, not artificial products, so each natural stone must be different , including inclusions, cotton wool, texture, color and shape, so the pictures are for reference only, please pay attention before buying!

2. Each natural stone must have different inclusions (such as cotton wool) and different textures . Our store does not accept exchanges due to original problems such as natural inclusions, textures, or color differences.

3. Regarding the earrings, we have tried to match the most similar ones as a pair. Since each natural stone will be different, the natural stones on the left and right sides, such as size, texture, color and shape, must not be exactly the same, please pay attention before buying!

metal material and color

1. Each piece of jewelry is made of different metal materials, please read the product description carefully before purchasing. Oxygen Jewelry is not responsible for any sensitivity or discomfort after wearing, especially those who are sensitive to metals.

2. Except for 14K gold/rose gold, the metal surface is electroplated. Click here to learn more about metal materials and colors.

3 Most of the products in this store are metal products. Any metal products (including 925 silver products) will naturally oxidize, and the oxidation rate is closely related to the type of metal, the method of use, the time of use and the storage method. Therefore, Oxygen Jewelry will not Any liability for oxidation of any used product. For more jewelry maintenance, please click here .

Chain length, ring size and pierced earrings

1. Necklace and bracelet styles can be converted into anklets, please contact us.

2. The length of the chain body can be changed, which can be listed in the remarks column at checkout!

3. Rings in our store are divided into open and fixed sizes. The size of open rings can be adjusted by yourself. As for rings of fixed size, our store can customize the specified size for customers, and you can learn more about ring sizes.

4. Most of the earrings can be converted into clip-on earrings. The clip-on earrings all adopt " U-shaped silicone ear clips " by default. Click here to learn more.

5. Purchases of the above-mentioned custom-made products, such as necklaces, bracelets, and anklets that have been changed in length; clip-on earrings; handmade rings of specified sizes, etc., are not eligible for exchange service. For more information on exchange, please click here .

Packaging and other special services

1. Our general packaging adopts environmentally friendly packaging, and does not come with a gift box. It will only be packaged in a recyclable flannelette bag, but it will be wrapped in bubble wrap when mailing, which is safe and reliable.

2. If you want to give a gift, you can add a gift box or a rose gift box.

3. You can also purchase a gift card (price: from HKD10), please contact us.

4. You can also purchase English letter plates (price: from HKD50), please click here .

5. If you want to order special products, please contact us.

Payment and Shipping

1. We can pay directly by credit card, Apple Pay or Google Pay, bank transfer, "PayMe" app, FPS, AlipayHK / Alipay, Octopus, click here to learn more.

2. Purchased through our online store, you can pick it up at the store/studio, or ship it by local surface mail or SF Express. Click here for more information.

3. Our online store temporarily only accepts direct orders from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. For other regions, please contact us directly.

Exchange, maintenance and repair

1. For online purchases (except customized products and products in the "Online Special Offer Zone"), you can exchange the product within 14 days from the date of purchase. For more information on replacement, please click here .

2. Anyone who purchases Oxygen Jewelry products can enjoy maintenance and repair services, and the number of times is not limited. For more maintenance and repair services, please click here .

3. For more accessories maintenance, please click here .