Member’s Birthday Privilege – Buy One Get One Free

Members who have not yet registered their birthday month are welcome to register themselves below.

Please note that if guests do not register their birthday month, they will not enjoy member birthday discounts!

***Online store account ≠ our store membership

  • If an online store customer just creates an account but does not spend the full amount, it does not mean that the membership registration is completed, so he will not enjoy membership discounts, so please note!
  • Online store customers need to spend HK$100 or more in our online store and create an account before they can be upgraded to Oxygen Jewelry membership.
  • Customers who have registered as members in the store do not need to create an account in the online store to enjoy membership discounts. They only need to use the registered email to check out and enter the designated member discount code in the discount code field to enjoy the membership discounts!
  • Click here to learn more about our membership plan