Jewelry maintenance

Silver is a very active metal. When it comes into contact with air, it will undergo a chemical reaction, that is, it will oxidize and turn black. Therefore, it is a very natural phenomenon for silver jewelry to turn black. As long as you take good care of it and pay attention to the following items, everyone can have shiny silver decorated.

Precautions for silver jewelry maintenance:

  1. Keep silver jewelry dry and never bathe, enter pools or spas with it.
  2. If the silver jewelry gets wet or dirty, wipe the surface lightly with cotton cloth or tissue to remove water and dirt.
  3. Try to avoid direct contact with chemicals such as perfumes, cosmetics, and hair sprays.
  4. Silver jewelry is a soft metal. It is not recommended to wear other precious metal jewelry, sleep or do sports at the same time, in order to avoid collision deformation, scratches or parts falling off.
  5. When not wearing, please wipe clean and place it in a sealed bag or box to avoid contact with air.
  6. The most basic daily maintenance is to wipe the silver jewelry with a silver cleaning cloth regularly , which can restore the luster of the silver jewelry.
  7. If the silver jewelry is severely oxidized, you can also return it to us for cleaning. Oxygen Jewelry’s jewelry includes free maintenance and basic cleaning services. Click here to learn more.