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Amethyst - is the stone of wisdom, which can develop wisdom, help thinking, concentrate thoughts, and strengthen memory. It is an indispensable gem weapon for students!

Lapis Lazuli - Corresponding to the "eyebrow chakra" of the human body, it can enhance people's analytical power and intelligence; lapis lazuli can help clear thoughts, concentrate, help the mind to be clear and calm, and maintain spirit and focus!

Tourmaline - Blue tourmaline stimulates the brow chakra, making people think clearly, logically, imaginatively and broaden their horizons, which can help to obtain higher knowledge.

White crystal - can develop wisdom potential, enhance learning ability and memory; white crystal corresponds to the crown wheel of the human body, making people clear and refreshed, and has the functions of focusing, concentrating and assisting concentration.

Yellow Topaz - also known as topaz, helps to strengthen memory and analysis when reading!

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