Collection: Balancing Emotion Stone

Aventurine Jade - The green color of Aventurine Jade corresponds to the heart wheel. It is a gemstone that makes people happy every day, and it can dissolve heart knots and complexes!

Aquamarine - Helps stabilize emotions, relieve psychological pressure, and soothe the soul!

Blue Topaz - Blue Topaz blue, pure and clear, helps to eliminate negative thoughts, calm nerves, relieve tension, calm anger, calm the mood, and promote sleep.

Sapphire - Wearing sapphire can calm emotional fluctuations, restore inner peace, and reduce mental stress and insomnia.

Chalcedony - can calm emotions, eliminate anxiety, fatigue, stress.

Peridot - Helps reduce and relieve anxiety and tension, negative energy, etc., and calms the nerves.

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