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Garnet - is the stone of women, which can help improve blood problems, improve weakness and chills and gynecological diseases; promote blood circulation, increase vitality, and have the effect of beautifying, beautifying and rejuvenating. Garnet also helps to improve reproductive system function, improve gynecological problems, strengthen the body's regeneration ability, accelerate wound healing, and restore physical strength!

Aquamarine - corresponds to the "throat chakra" of the human body, and can effectively treat problems such as trachea, sore throat, and respiratory system.

Lapis Lazuli - helps to strengthen the body's metabolism, and can improve sore throat, trachea, and respiratory diseases; at the same time, lapis lazuli is helpful to eliminate eye fatigue and protect eyesight.

Sapphire - Helps treat eye problems and improve vision, also helps relieve headaches and other problems!

Tourmaline - All kinds of tourmaline can promote new cell metabolism. Green tourmaline, as a energy stone representing "endurance", can help strengthen cardiopulmonary function, suitable for athletes or people who need a lot of activity! Yellow tourmaline corresponds to the sun wheel, which is very good for the gastrointestinal and digestive system of the human body.

Red Aventurine Jade - Corresponds to the "sea chakra", suitable for women with weak constitution and imbalanced qi and blood, and helps to improve gynecological problems!

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