Metal material and plating color

The materials used by Oxygen Jewelry mainly fall into three categories:
  1. 925 Sterling Silver925 Sterling Silver
  2. 14K gold/rose gold 14K Gold Filled / Rose Gold Filled
  3. Stainless Steel


  • "925 Sterling Silver" refers to a metal containing at least 92.5% pure silver.
  • "925 sterling silver" itself is white silver, and the jewelry sold normally is plated.
  • Electroplating is to coat a metal surface with a layer of metal, and the main purpose of jewelry electroplating is to prevent metal oxidation and modify the appearance.
  • The most common colors of electroplated jewelry are: (i) Silver/Rhodium Plated (ii) Gold Plated (iii) Rose Gold Plated, so regardless of the color of the appearance , the metal inside is still "925 sterling silver".
  • Silver is a very active metal. It will undergo a chemical reaction when it comes into contact with the air, that is, it will oxidize and turn black. Therefore, it is a very natural phenomenon for silver jewelry to turn black. However, with normal maintenance, silver jewelry can also restore its luster. For information on silver jewelry maintenance, please click this .


  • The 14K Gold Filled jewelry used in our store is made of brass with 14K gold pressed on it, so it is also called "14K gold filled ".
  • "14K gold injection" refers to covering a layer of 14K gold on the surface of a metal tire (brass or other metal) under high temperature and pressure, with the gold content accounting for 5% of the total weight.
  • Gold plating has strong bonding force and high wear resistance, so it is not easy to fall off and is more durable than gold plating.
  • Proper use and good maintenance can prevent oxidation for a long time.
  • The most basic daily maintenance is to wipe the jewelry with a silver polishing cloth regularly, which can restore the luster of the jewelry .

(3) Fine steel

  • Stainless Steel is harder than 925 Sterling Silver, so it is relatively strong and durable.
  • The fine steel jewelry used in our store is generally 304 and 316, which have good corrosion resistance and are not easily oxidized.
  • 304 and 316 stainless steel are widely used in different things, including watch straps, tableware, small household appliances, or medical equipment.
  • Fine steel itself is steel silver, and electroplated steel jewelry also comes in gold (Gold Plated) and rose gold ((Rose Gold Plated)). Just like silver jewelry, no matter what color it is on the outside, the metal inside is still "fine steel".
  • Daily maintenance is just to wipe the jewelry with a cloth regularly.