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Oxygen Jewelry's online special offer area, all products are sold at half price or below. The displayed price is already discounted!

When members purchase any product, enter the discount code [vipoutlet], and they can also purchase an item in the special area at a discount of 50% off the actual price! ! ! Remember to enter your discount code when checking out! ( *How to use member discounts? )

Why are they so cheap?

  1. May be out of season style
  2. Only the last few items remain
  3. The crystal may have flaws/shortcomings, common ones such as (i) the stone grain is very obvious (ii) many inclusions (iii) the color tone is different than usual... This problem will usually be listed on the page, if the customer wants to know more The actual condition, please contact us or make an appointment to the studio to see the actual item.

Please note:

  • Discounted prices are only available for online purchases and may differ from those in stores or Pop-Up stores.
  • The actual condition may not be as shown in the photos. Please be sure to understand the actual condition before purchasing.
  • There are no exchange, refund or return services for goods in the "Online Special Offer Zone".

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