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Citrine is the birthstone of November , the stone of merchants, and the stone of wealth. It emits yellow energy, which helps to strengthen wealth and favor wealth.

Yellow Topaz, also known as topaz, is the birthstone of November . It has a golden wealth body light, which helps to gather wealth; it also helps to strengthen memory and analysis when reading!

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  • Citrine, its name comes from the French "citron", which means "lemon".
  • According to the seven wheels of India , citrine is a sun wheel energy stone and is generally considered to have the energy to gather wealth, so it is called the "stone of wealth" and "the stone of businessmen."
birthstone month November
Represent the constellation Gemini, Leo
Representative anniversary 13th anniversary
Corresponding chakra Sun gear
Gemstones convey spirituality Stone of Wealth, Stone of Merchant

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