Collection: Social Relationship Stone

Rose Quartz - Helps open up receptivity, can help improve interpersonal relationships, enhance popularity, and expand new social circles.
Tourmaline - can enhance popularity and improve interpersonal relationships, among which blue tourmaline can stimulate the "throat chakra", so that people can enhance communication, expression and persuasion skills! Watermelon tourmaline can bring patience and balance energy, easily resolve various conflicts, achieve reconciliation, and improve social skills.

Blue Topaz - Symbol of peace and friendship, is the "stone of friendship".

Aquamarine - corresponding to the "throat chakra" of the human body, it is the best throat chakra stone, which helps to enhance expressive ability and persuasion.

Amethyst - helps to improve luck, promote interpersonal relationships, and meet noble people more!

Peridot - can strengthen one's own energy field, help to get help from noble people and get good opportunities, and can also resolve interpersonal problems and villains!

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