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Rose Quartz - Helps open up receptivity, helps you open your heart, increases relationships with the opposite sex, and expands new social circles. Rose Quartz can heal emotional wounds and is suitable for people who have been emotionally hurt.

Rhodochrosite - is the stone of love, unlike rose quartz, it is biased towards practice and action. Rhodochrosite is suitable for people who have met love but dare not take a step forward; Rhodochrosite will open your true heart, enhance mobility, and make it easy to make friends, so if you have a crush on someone, but you can't encourage them If you have the courage to confess, rhodochrosite is very suitable for you.

Strawberry crystals - help to improve love fortune, make thinking clearer and calm the mind; wearing strawberry crystals can also increase personal charm, enhance interpersonal relationships, harmony and friendliness, so strawberry crystals help to attract Beautiful marriage, help those who have not met love yet!

Moonstone - known as the "stone of lovers", can promote the re-integration of feelings, and can resolve the emotional problems between partners; Moonstone is also known as the gemstone for the right man, it can help enhance the charm of women and attract life Another companion!

Pink Opal - According to legend, the arrowhead of Cupid's arrow is made of pink opal, so many people call it the Love Sorcerer's Stone; in Japan it is called the "Lover's Stone"! Pink Opal is a power stone that exudes charm and enhances love and fate!

Pink chalcedony - can enhance the relationship with the opposite sex and personal charm.

Tourmaline - can enhance popularity and improve interpersonal relationships; attract love and increase the relationship of the opposite sex! Among them, pink tourmaline enhances personal charm, can also reflect the love in the heart, and helps love relationships!

Aventurine Jade - The green color of Aventurine Jade corresponds to the heart wheel, which can dissolve heart knots and complexes; emerald green Aventurine Jade makes people feel happy, especially for friends who have lost love. It can not only comfort the injured soul, but also promote the courage to fall in love again!

Ruby - It is called "the stone of love". The red color of ruby ​​symbolizes the passion and deep love!

Sapphire - is a symbol of honesty, loyalty and steadfastness; represents a kind of supreme authority and status, and is also regarded as a witness of love.

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