About Oxygen Jewelry

about us

Oxygen Jewelry is a Hong Kong local brand, founded in 2015, mainly selling light jewelry. The founder has been engaged in the gift and jewelry industry for many years after graduating from university. He also completed a diploma course in jewelry design and gemstone expertise. With professional knowledge and years of practical understanding of the industry, he founded Oxygen Jewelry, which mainly sells handmade light jewelry. .

brand introduction

The concept of Oxygen Jewelry is "light jewelry like oxygen". Just like the brand name "OXYGEN", jewelry is a necessity for every woman to create a perfect daily look, especially as important as oxygen. Oxygen Jewelry's jewelry hopes to inject vitality into the body like oxygen in your busy urban life! On the other hand, Oxygen Jewelry is affordable luxury. We hope that jewelry is no longer a luxury, but jewelry that everyone can buy at a reasonable price, because every woman has the right to create a unique one for herself. style. ​In a busy life, stop and look for the long-lost moment of happiness.

Design concept and product introduction

Oxygen Jewelry pursues four aspects: simplicity, fashion, daily life and quality.
Our design concept is "the charm of blooming colors in simplicity", simple design is no longer monotonous, but can be colorful. The material is mainly 925 sterling silver, and some series are made of 14K gold-clad and fine steel, with natural semi-precious stones , pearls, mother-of-pearl and other materials in various forms, combining natural materials, primitive beauty and modern beauty​. ​Oxygen Jewelry's light jewelry is different from traditional precious metal gemstone jewelry. It is semi-precious stone jewelry that can be integrated into daily life and affordable by ordinary people. ​Every piece of our jewelry is handmade, each piece is unique, and most of the styles are sold in limited quantities. We hope that every customer can find their own natural stone jewelry.